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Flag Football

Flag Football

Ready for your weekly dose of fun?

You could have been a Manning brother, or maybe just Uncle Rico. But there is nothing like a trip down memory lane, so gather your friends and sign up for Flag Football this season! Start up a team yourself, or we can place you on a team where you'll get to make some new friends.

Flag football games are played with 8 players in the field. For the co-ed league, 3 players on the field must be women. For the men's league, all players are eligible receivers.  Minimum roster size is 12 players. Get in the game!

Feel free to email us at football@cvillesocial.com with any questions.


Summer '18 Sunday Co-ed Flag Football

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Spring '18 Sunday Co-ed Flag Football

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  • Sport: Flag Football
  • Locations: Venable School
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Started on : Started on 4/15

League Info


  • Each team shall field 8 players, with at least 3 women on the field at all times. 
  • Every 3rd play must be a "female play" (see rules for more details). 
  • New co-ed rule book will be utilized starting this Spring '18!
  • Click here for the New 2018 Rulebook


  • Each team will play 8 regular season games + playoffs (for qualifying teams). 
  • Sunday Morning Games will play between 11am - 3pm 
  • Playoffs will be held the week following the regular season. 
  • The number of teams that make it to the playoffs will be determined by C'ville Social, but is typically the top half. 


  • 8 regular season games + playoffs (for qualifying teams) 
  • 2 experienced referees per game 
  • Sideline markers & end-zone pylons 
  • Painted / lined football fields 
  • Triple Threat (break away) Flag Belts 
  • Beer / food specials after the games 
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